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Devotion to the Precious Blood is a fitting part of the Church's year

As previously mentioned on this blog, July is given to the devotion to the Precious Blood of Christ, a fitting way to follow the month of June and its devotion to the Sacred Heart. Dom Gueranger writes about the actual feast of the Precious Blood, saying that its positioning shortly after the feasts of Sts. John the Baptist and Peter and Paul is deliberate: “John the Baptist has pointed out the Lamb, Peter has firmly fixed His throne, Paul has prepared the Bride; this their joint work, admirable in its unity, at once suggests the reason for their feasts occurring almost simultaneously on the cycle. The alliance being now secured, all three fall into shade; while the Bride herself, raised up by them to such lofty heights, appears alone before us, holding in her hands the sacred cup of the nuptial-feast.” As such Gueranger notes how the feast – and by extension the whole month – highlights how great the mystery of Good Friday truly is.  “How is it, then, that Holy Church is now inviting

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