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Pentecost Sunday – Mary's role in the Church at Pentecost echoes the Annunciation

Credit: Holy Card Heaven. The parallels between the Annunciation and Pentecost might at first not be altogether apparent. However, on closer inspection, the relationship between the two becomes increasingly evident.   At the Annunciation, Mary, by the grace of God and through the action of the Holy Spirit, gave birth to Christ – God and man. As St. Luke writes: “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the most High shall overshadow thee.” (Luke 1:35) Through this action of the Holy Sprit, Mary conceives a child, who is then brought forth from her womb into the world for the salvation of mankind.   Through this descending of the Holy Spirit upon her, she gives birth to Life Himself, and is thus mother of God, but also Co-Redeemer and Mediatrix of graces. With her single word of fiat , she opens the door to Life and salvation, becoming a co-operator in that work of redemption. Her actions accompanying Christ are hidden, yet are nevertheless key, and on Calvary Mary appears

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