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Mary's month of May is the time to pray to her as Co-Redemptrix

Continuing the Church’s promotion of devotion to Mary during the month of May, Pope Paul VI wrote his encyclical Mense maio in 1965, further building on the widespread popular dedication of this time of year to the Blessed Virgin.   The opening lines of the encyclical are awash with Co-Redemptive theology, as Paul VI notes how “what other reason do we continually turn to Mary except to seek the Christ in her arms, to seek our Saviour in her, through her, and with her?” The Pontiff also highlights how this dedication of may to Mary is not a recent innovation, as if borne from some exaggerated cult to the Blessed Mother. Rather, it is a custom of ages long since gone, borne out of the very natural, and proper, love and devotion with the Church fosters towards she who accompanied Christ in His Redemption. “Because the month of May is a powerful incentive to more frequent and fervent prayers, and because our petitions more readily find access to her compassionate heart during it, it has

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